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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Pool Party (S)
Song:   Pool Party
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Mi cyaa tan in a mi house
Cause mi wife just a ningy, ningy, ningy, in a mi ears
Right now mi waan mad
Peep through the fence and si one bag a gyal in a mi neighbor yard a gwaan bad
A more than ten, if a nuh more than ten thousand right now
Mi cyaa add
Somebody gone wid mi car but mi glad a nuh far

Cause big pool party a gwaan next door
Whole heap a gyal in a bikini

And if you cyaa find mi, mi gone next door
Suh don't bother fret if you nuh see me

Party is on, next door mi gone
The party is on, over deh mi gone

[Verse 2]
To the gyal dem mi drawn
Big tent set up pon lawn
Cuh deh, jerk chicken in a pon
Whole heap a liquor in a hand
From the day mi born
Mi never si dem tight up clothe yah
Weh dem yah gyal yah have on
And a that's why mi like come bout yah
When dem yah supn yah a gwaan
Selector a find some soca
Every girls a carry on
Red wine mi drink, mi nuh buy club soda


[Verse 3]
Mi never ever chat to mi neighbor
None at all
But tonight mi neighbor a mi savior
Gimmi a call
Tell dem tonight mi is a raver
Scale the wall
Tell over mars mi nuh got no behavior
Cause tonight wi on
A go drink champagne till mi fross
Every gyal waan whine pon the ross
All when mi car tank run out a gas
Mi walk gone in a mi slippers and socks