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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Party Vibes Nice (S)
Song:   Party Vibes Nice
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

The party vibes right again
From wa day yah mi know this yah man
Even if you step pon a man clarks
Nobody naw fight again
From down town, round town
A come out every night again
Flash up unuh night dem

Cause the vibes it sweet, it sweet, it sweet
It sweet, it sweet
Mi white suit look neat, it neat, in neat
It neat, it neat
Sun haffi start shine before mi leave the street
Mi leave the street

Mi got bed but mi really need fi sleep
Nuh need fi sleep

[Verse 1]
Party tun up, nobody nuh tan up
Pure gyal tun up when the music tun up
Every gyal from country deh come up
One million gyal deh, deh, when mi sum up
High grade a burn up
Liquor in a stomac
Gyal in a bikinis
The whole a dem cock up
Dj pon fire suh the whole place bomb up
Believe no shot naw buss up


[Verse 2]
Suh anytime unuh si mi in a the party
And mi a whine paw mi shorty
Unuh know mi a man over 40
Suh mi nuh toast, mi nuh in a no mackery
Mi money nuff for mi have gyal plenty
How much bottles a more than 20
Suh unuh know seh mi glass never empty
Worst me stand up right side a Bounty


[Verse 1]