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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  One and Only (S)
Song:   One and Only
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Me and you come from soda
Loving you is my true religion
Me a tell yo love so strong
Cause I love you baby

Jah know mi love yo
Straight mi a tell yo
Seh you a mi one and mi honey
Mi need yo

Jah know mi love yo gyal
Suh straight mi tell yo gyal
Seh yuh a mi one and mi honey
Mi need yo

[Verse 1]
Gyal the way how yo put it paw mi
Like yo find milk and cookie paw mi
Well professional yuh no rookie paw mi
No man never tell yo seh yo supn cranny
Gyal a the way yo turn it on
When mi cold yo keep mi warm
Yo diamond tongue ring yo put it on
Then yo rewind

Gyal, when yo bend over and gimmi back way
Buss a new wine name man haffi go stay
Gyal gone obeah man wid all bible a pray
Yah suh mi a stay, me naw go no where
Yuh a mi sun and mi moon
You a mi night and day
Gyal yuh a mi indi and mi a yo bambay
Yo best friend check mi wa day
In a birthday suit bout shi come fi play


[Verse 2]
Gyal a weh yo come from?
Wid mi heart in a yo hand a weh yo get it from
Me and her a come from school pram
Now shi deh yah suh a push pram
Some gyal unuh understand
Cause dem no have nothing fi hold a man
That's why dem draw fi older man
You have yo own man
Mi love when yo wine and yo waistline roll
A you have yo boyfriend under control
Go paw yo head top like a tv pole
A you have mi heart, and mi, mind and soul