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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Naa Stress (S)
Song:   Naa Stress
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fool worry bout you
Don't worry bout mi life

Worry bout you gyal
Nuh worry bout mi wife

Worry bout you wrong
Nuh worry bout mi right

Worry bout yo day
Nuh worry bout mi night
Mi tell unuh seh

Don't worry bout me
Because mi naw stress
Believe mi

Never ask mi fi grey mi nuh grew none yet
Hey mi money cyaa done suh nuh worry bout mi
Shoes and clothe closet could a never empty
Believe me, and none a my youths will never beg bread

[Verse 1]
You red eye, the I dem waan kill I
True I go Dubai, mi swag dem too elye
Leave off a flat buy a house pon the hill ice
Smoke a spliff last night
Tonight mi still high
No work wid no fish, nor no scale, nor no gill I
Mi girl heart still naw use no pill I
No deal wid billy caw no man cyaa bill I
Mi and mi girlfriend a hug up and a chill I


[Verse 2]
Hey mi nuh si prison
Mi nuh si bunk nor pail
Police find mi weed, no handcuff nor jail
It don't meck no sense mi find mi own bail
If mi want a top lawyer mi call Author Wale
Mi money dem criss, some bend up, some quale
Dem cyaa carry no news rather false or stale
Mi no worship vanity a selassie high mi hail
Anytime a the day mi have a dozen female


[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]