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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Must Have Forgot (S)
Song:   Must Have Forgot
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey a grand's pen mi come from
Dem bwoy deh no mi friends from how long
How long mi a warn dem

Hey mi tell dem don't do this
Don't do that
Don't walk round an scrape gyal pot
Don't barrowed next man shoes an sox
But yuh must a forgot

Look how long mi a warn yuh
Don't involve in a that too
No no meck yo do way uh no waan do
But yuh must a forgot

Don't bleach your face are bore your tongue
But yuh must a forgot
Never never never meck man run yuh down
But yuh must a forgot

[Verse 1:]
Hey Jamaica mi come from a me rule yard
Me spar wid Bravo an Polard
Gyal in a dif run an di side a mi yard
So no man cyan party up in a mi back yard
Drive up mi car in a mi gyal friend garage
Lie-down in a mi bed an shi a give mi massage
A live like a king a so yuh fi live large
But yuh must a forgot


[Verse 2:]
Seen everybody rope in
Every hand to a bottle
Every king to a queen
Cool chain gyal pretty like oil shene
An a gyal in a mi house ready fi fulfilled mi dream
Dayne yuh know how long mi warn him
Seh fi stop likki likki an find him own cream
Mi si pants tight pon di scheme
Man a spar wid di no gyal team
So mi tell dem