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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  The Latest (S)
Song:   The Latest
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Mi hear dem a talk bout clothe
A we wear the latest
No competition caw wi a the greatest
Man real to the thing
And wi no inna fakeness
Done did the talk so what next

Some a talk bout car
A we drive the dearest
Strap to the T
Cause wi ever fearless
True wi all a the gyal dem stand up the nearest
Done did the talk so what's next

[Verse 1]
Hottest man alive the gyal dem love mi wid passion
Hypest vehicle and expensive fashion
Rotate mi gyal dem inna series like Sasiam
Anthonet, Suzette, Margo and Tazan
Back foot full up table when dem put down inna session
Happy and smiling mi no deal wid depression
Still a meck money inna the middle a recession
Yet wi still clean and fresh an


[Verse 2]
Well mi si the whole a dem a floss
But dem cyaa match the cost
Like Rick Ross wi a the boss
Dem a model inna clothe weh wi left inna the past
Surinam gold mi a wear a no Braz
Me and a bag a gyal a spar and dem inna short shorts
Mi a mi own team a drink liquor by quart
So many years and still top the chart
Mi vehicle no short a no parts


[Verse 1]