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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  John Crow (S)
Song:   John Crow
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

The summer is gone now
Mi deh pon mi bike now
Mi an mi gyal dem a spar
Nuff youthe would a love own a CDR
OR a big 600 RR
Not to mention a motorcar
But wi an the gyal dem still haff spar

Ride out pon mi John Crow
Mi have mi ride, watch mi an mi gyal a dilly dally two side
Ride out pon mi John Crow
Mi have mi pride, the same bike mi used do delivery pon the side
Ride out pon mi John Crow
Mi ever hype, clean an come out when mi touch road a night
Ride out pon mi John Crow
Ganga the bike, nothing but smoke when mi left the stop light

[Verse 1]
Mi an mi big black bird ride up in a the party
Shut off the engin kick stand an park hi
Not like the days when mi did afto walk hi
Give thanks fi mi John Crow, everyday mi talk hi
Country mi live yo know the party dem far
Cyaa go CDR when yo haffi maintain the bar
Buy mi girlfriends liquor an mi buy one give are
Likkle more mi a go rob the cookie jar


[Verse 2]
Cause mi shoes match mi hat, shirt an pants match
Money in a mi pocket an mi tank full a gas
Have a one fifty bag an under ten pack a frass
Pon the bike mi have a browning round a back
Up Town wi a chad so up a Suzie mi stop
Mi si two R6 an just go park side a that
Dem a wonder how da brother so devour like that
The whole a dem no stop pree the rass