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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  I'm So Happy (S)
Song:   I'm So Happy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Once I was searching for happiness
But all I found was emptiness
But now a lay that stress a rest
But everyday this inna the press

Why I'm so happy
A true mi mother healthy and still alive

Why I'm so happy
Because mi clean everyday and mi car a drive

Why I'm so happy
Mi fans dem love mi and mi know how fi survive

Why I'm so happy
Remember Salomon did have 40 wife

[Verse 1]
Yes I am divorce but trust mi I will never be single
No girl cyaa leave mi heart inna shamble
Left that like storm after mat rumble
Mi and the gyal dem a mingle
Me king of the jungle
Kingle yo get off string meck it tingle
Tickle up yo fancy girl and meck yo tremble
Grumble while mi sting yo like a bumble B eenie
That's me king of the Dancehall ever humble
No girl cyaa play mi like no turn table
Kids from mi back, to yo belly, to the cravel
No kick no box, mi count dem off like label


[Verse 2]
Member woman was made from this earth
Shape by the lava pretty face
Body proper, watch dem shake dem na, na
No mess around dem money that is death before dishonor
I man no need no drama
Mi no need no lady gaga
Dem yah gyal yah inna Jamaica woo
Hotter than Astana
Dem and the thuggy thuggy dem chilling on the corner
Sipping ice, pretty nie, the ain't no pre madana
Call mi the bachelor hot like a pepper
Bun like a fire, katch you like a babwire
Like the word a Mavado
Woman a Delilah, ten of dem a walk, yo know seh 8 a dem a lire
Don't be user, be a user, Or be abuser neither
Disrespect no pretty
Better you be the refuser
Cause a the choice mi make

[Chorus x2]