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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  I'm Ok (S)
Song:   I'm Ok
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Beenie Man]
Seanizzle, Oh
A serious ting a gwaan inna Jamaica
Mi can tell yuh summen? Alrite, good, yeah alrite

[Verse 1: Beenie Man]
After Bounty go a jail
Mavado crash offa bike
Me lose mi visa but everyting nice
Big up di Teacha
Cause future bright
Nuh worry bout me caw we

[Chorus: Beenie Man]
I'm okay
Because mi clean every day
Clarks dem a beat
Me change three times a day
Buy out any bar cause mi have money fi pay
Yuh know sey rasta nah stray
I'm okay..

[Verse 2: Beenie Man]
Fi look a gal mi nuh shy
Money stock and pile
Straight up to the sky
Badman serious mi nah tell no lie
Mi nah tun no guy
I'm okay, oh
A couldn't we dem a stop
Big up di sign mek mi plant up di crop
All ganja man yuh know a unnu me a chat
Di odda day a me police stop
Dem sey Beenie Man
Mi hear sey Mavado ride and crash
Bounty go a jail but him just come back
Trooper put it pon youchube a your ting dat
My career dem nah stop

[Chorus: Beenie Man]

[Verse 3: Beenie Man]
Go travel go pawn dem ting deh
Sweet fax dem a plastic we fling weh
Kartel come mek di Clarks sing weh
Bankrobber and dem ting deh
Now gal dem a ask
Beenie weh yuh get deh bling deh
Suit weh mi have one a me check dem ting deh
Italy mi go fi get dem new Gucci ting deh
Watch Angel inna di rolex

[Chorus: Beenie Man]

[Verse 4: Beenie Man]
A me a di doctor
A Smokeyvalle mi have mi house
But mi haffi live like a boxer
Yuh haffi live inna di garrison in Jamaica
Don't August Town next to Mona, oh
Standpipe and Papine a di surrounding area
Di US embassy jus round di corna
So how dem a worry bout me and visa
When US a mi next door neighbour

[Chorus: Beenie Man]