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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Hottest Man Alive (S)
Song:   Hottest Man Alive
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

When you see me, remember am the hottest man alive
Yo si mi, the clothe mi wear, the car dem weh mi drive
Yo si mi, woman a scream anywhere mi arrive
Mi life sweeter than the honey from the hive

When you see me, remember am the hottest thing around
Yo si mi, inna mi Mers cursing through yo town
Yo si mi, when yo girlfriend a run mi down
Mi keep mi head above the water when dem waan fi si mi drown

[Verse 1]
Well I got girls whole heap
Yes mi usto have a wife
Yea she gimmi the inspiration to change mi life
One king, yes mi know seh that right
Gyal fi fit the criteria, everything fi tight
Girl weh love girl seh dem waan fi ride mi like a bike
Who seh dem no like freaky girl is just a hypocrite
Whatever inna the darkness must come inna the light
Right now mi brain a fly weh like a kite


[Verse 2]
Mi feel faster than Usain
Fitter than Michael Jordan
Can you feel mi might
To how mi rich mi dash weh card and go finger prince wife
Spend any amount mi want, buy anything mi like
Like for instance mi feel like mi waan buy out Nike
Or buy Apple and left the whole world sike
Or just buy Microsoft and tell Bill take a hike
Or tell Honda fi make some new Beenie bike


[Verse 3]
When mi step out mi thing loud
And mi no haffi used mi voice
Am like a Eskimo
To how mi bazzle inna mi eyes
Woman a treat mi like a bread a seh dem haffi get a slice
When mi floss inna Miami a fantom rose rice
Fi exalt dutty living a the hypocrite choice
It start from badmind cause dem cyaa match the price
Four time mi tour the world it's never once or twice
Mi no have no problem mi doctor more than nice
Love mi steam fish and mi crackers
Wid mi vegetable dice
And mi coconut juice fi cook down inna mi rice
Have mi personal chef weh responsible fi mi spice
Mi just move a couple stocks and a rejoice