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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Happy Days (S)
Song:   Happy Days
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Long time mi no drink a Guinness and hold a vibes pon the endz
Play some dominoes, chill wid mi friends
Police all a pass through divide no tense
No man no bad mind, every heart tens
When yo work so hard, save so hard fi live so large
A man rape yo wife in a yo yard
Without regard them shoot the sarge
Better day must come praise the lord

So mi want some happy days
Happy time
Happy moment
No more crime

Happy days
Happy time
Happy moment
No more crime

[Verse 2]
Wi naw go wreck a life wi just waan fi live better
Rather up town or down in a the gutter
Them go lops a ahh rice fi go dumpling and butter
A man is just a man so it no meck none a wi better
Wi live in a the ghetto bout wi still have dream
Must haffi achieve music a my mean
Never grudge mi brother fi him shirt or jeans
Everyday mi work fi my greens


[Verse 3]
Every action cause a reaction
That's why police man gone fi corruption
Tell the big man them low the young one
Left the juvenile them meck them turn big man
Cause you no know if him a go own radio station or poling station
Or a gas station
Could a be the next prime minister fi the nation
This one dedicate mi no matter weh yo come from


[Verse 1]