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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Feeling Gud (S)
Song:   Feeling Gud
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Selacihigh bless an protect those who bad mine
But bless an protect those who have their own
And stand firm in this time
Who lord lord

[Verse 1]
It doesn't matter who waan bad mine
Caw wi done know seh none a dem no like we
Who jah bless mi seh no man curse
But mi glad how selacihigh love mi
Mi no matter who wann chat chat
Rasta come yah so fi shell down di party
From yuh buy yo own liquor a di bar
Unu wave unu bottle an say

Am feeling good and am feeling iry
Rasta clean like wata
An di gyal dem love mi
Am feeling good, an mi feeling iry
Rasta clean like wata
An mi gyal dem sexy

[Verse 2]
Tell dem mi a mi own big man so mi do wa mi want
Mi a mi own boss so mi gyal live on
Buy any mount a liquor mi step in a any dance
Fi get next to me every gyal a beg a chance
Prox paradox in a every gyal card
Gyal in a mi house cool pon di side walk
Bwoy waan si mi soul an mi body deep hard
One thing mi haffi tell dutty heart


[Verse 3]
Yow di life that am living am loving it
MI naw go punk out an thuggin it
An this a waste an mi naw put no stug in it
An this yah arms yah di gyal dem loving it
Today mi an di gyal dem a skinny dip
Si mi crew deh yo cyan si no scrub in it
Mi foot sprain an mi girl dem rubbing it
Si mi glass a gimmi some yard swaging


[Verse 1]