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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Dynamite (S)
Song:   Dynamite
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Shi seh shi waan dynamite, dynamite
When me and the gyal dem link up
Shi seh her liver kinda white
So shi kinda like
When the kitty cat a get beat up

You no gyal nuh cuss you gyal
You gyal nuh fight
You alone a get the dynamite

You no gyal nuh cuss
You gyal nuh fight
You alone a get the dynamite

[Verse 1]
09-11 when mi land mi plane in a yo twin tower
You bwal every second, every minute, every hour
Pump up you body wid the high grade tower
In a you birthday suit gyal come fi yo flower
Action pack a hope you come yah fi deliver
Like a bottle a Hennessy mi a go straight fi you liver
So tell yoy baby puppa seh fi be the baby sitter
Caw mi have a C-4 fi bomb out yo perimeter


[Verse 2]
Gyal you get mi hard like a diamond
The hardest matter
She give me nine a the darkest matter
Shi want a wear from mi size ten knocker
Master happilusion, me a Harry Potter
Mi bike mi waan fi ride hi
So shi ride it
Knock it in deh, get it slide hi
So mi push it inside hi like a ivy
And mi nuh haffi spend a dollar
Cause shi gi mi whine free