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Artist: Beenie Man f/ Kool Face
Album:  Daddaaayyy (S)
Song:   Daddaaayyy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dancers unuh start warm up
Show seh yo clean put yo two arms up
Get mad an create a avock
A right deh so di party start up

Well mi no ban to di hand
Mi no join ban wagon
Dancers roll out like a wagon
Let's be friends, everybody hold hands
Di whole Dancehall wi a govern

Rest in peace mister Wackey
Yuh a first, yuh no second
All dancers music a unuh weapon
Enjoy wi self an a that's all wi deh pon
Ready fi dance a debbi decon

From yo hands clean meck mi si yo hands up
Nobody inna yah no fi stand up
Wi have a brand new dance wi a buss
Everybody unuh sing wid us

Brand new dance a daddaaayyy, naw, naw
Let mi seet homes great
Move yo feat, rock di beat

Di new dance a daddaaayyy, naw, naw
Let mi seet homes great
Move yo feat, rock di beat

[Verse 2]
Dancing meck nuff youth get famous
Meck wi endorse ti straight up
From mi walk inna di party draw mi table
A mi friend dem mi start hail up

Dancers on fire, an a steam like a termos
Dancing is yo only purpose
Bogle free dancing like Markus
Now dancers have dance inna surplus

Gyal dem si mi an a shout out Daddaaayyy
Like a long time dem have things for mi
Every dancer getting this
Cause di new dances this


[Verse 3]
Two hands in di air no hackle
Walk out wid yo glass an yo bottle
Red card go fi all bad tackle
Fake dancers hold a none chattle
Everybody inna di dance unuh fi start free up
Selector tun hi up, meck mi start hi up
Move yo foot two side wave yo party cup
Daddaaayyy, appletons I have it up

Mi a tell unuh seh
Don't stand up, put yo hands up
Everything yo do Eden a plan up
From yo straight an yo know yo no wrong up
Don't dance if yo corrupt