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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Da Idiot Song Deh (S)
Song:   Da Idiot Song Deh (Bounty Killer Diss)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Mi come fi murder Killa but yuh know wah
Mi haff deal wid something first
Dutty Matterhorn
A me sing Dancehall queen, star the movie Dancehall queen
And bread the Dancehall queen mi done wid you

But a who produce da idiot song deh, mi really waan fi know
Which idiot song that the Bounty Killer
Bout who tell dem fi dweet the blows nort one
Divorce mi ex or bread are or wah

Yo know wah this time nobody cyaa save yuh killa
Wi sign peace so a who tell yuh fi cross mi killa
Yo know seh da song yah a go lost yuh killa
All ANG dem haffi ball fi killa

[Verse 1]
Well I wouldn't say a word if a me like yuh
That man never take weh my van like fi yuh
My cash stock an pile mi no know bout yuh
Mi sponsor my self a Elephant sponsor you
Bout fast pon mi Hennessy but cuh pon yuh
Yuh start drink that when mi ex did a mad yuh
Step up in a Cwad bout yuh no waan call to bue yuh
Ugly like mi no waan no friend from yuh
Yuh writing a star bout Angel rate yuh
Call mi betweeny but what to call yuh
General gyal clown sir I salute yuh
And one more thing mi tell yuh


[Verse 2]
Killa mi no fish so no bwoy cyaa bate mi up
That simple mean peter kink couldn't tape mi up
Yuh know how much time mi hear bad man box yuh up
From first street straight to 90′s up
One thing wid dem dem cyaa drape mi up
Caw mi have 21 pickiny a dying fi buss
Tell dem a war time a no time fi curse
Ashes to ashes an a me seh dust to dust
Mi lyrics dem nuff an in a surplus
Your lyrics old like yuh come out a the circus
The last man standing a me so yuh dead first
This is the last warning before yuh head buss