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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Clean (S)
Song:   Clean
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Member a me did tell unuh ever clean
Fresher than river water
Mi never green
Yeh suit dem expensive no gabardine
But clean suit pon dutty skin

[Verse 1]
Wa soap and rag do yuh?
Yo fi go bathe
Friend yo nuh si seh yo arm a grow beard
Mi cleaner than whistle and sharper than blade
No bwoy no gimmi nothing me self made
And mi nuh smoke bush weed a straight high grade
Gyal si mi pocket and a offer mi trade
So bwoy cleanliness is just a one day parade
Seh dem clean today by tomorrow dem fade

But mi clean like Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Dem a talk bout bazzle dem nuh bazzle yet
When mi touch in a the street foes haffi fret
Gangster no draw nil gyal haffi get

Clean like Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Mi have clothe and money and mi have asset
First class Chuno buy pon a emerate
All one dozen gyal a go haffi get

[Verse 2]
All when mi in a mi house mi still clean
Clean like a HD video fi Jill green
Ten carrot gold wid ice build in
Yo know the road shell when dem style yah sink in
Catty step inside when gangster walk in
One dozen gyal or more mi call in
Plus mi colon a kick like shaolin
Left some bwoy gyal a dream like Arline


[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]