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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Bus Stop Galis (S)
Song:   Bus Stop Galis
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Big up all bus stop galis
Caw we a galis from birth
Who lord lord, lord, lord, lord

Big up all who go KC yeh
Big up all who go JC yeh
All Calabar nun a dem nuh have gal like we
Caw gal go a school wid we

[Verse 1]
Member if yuh don't have a gal den yo don't make sense
That mean a guy deh jump yo back fence
Me is a bwoy wa love gal wid talent only gal alone pitch my tent
Me love si mi gal dem sitdown pan bench
And bruk hi down wid the muscle and the strength
My gal dem is a secret agent caw me is a doc with a lot of patient

When dem want the good feeling yeh
And the sexual healing
Dem send fi the doc
Come on come on come on come on
Let's make love tonight that's the dealing
From bedroom to sealing good gal mi believe in
Gal come on come on come on come on
Let's make love tonight that's the dealing

[Verse 2]
Gal come around
Dem caw go around
Mi a one bad man dem caw take fi clown
This a titanic ship if yuh slip yo drown
Caw mi anchor way bout a 1000 lbs
The only king wid a thousand crown
A thousand gal make a thousand sound
The whole a dem wan come pan mi compound
Fi the show down


[Verse 3]
Between all a mi goudas and virgin scream
And all a the gal dem wa living in a dream
Caw them a run road from before dem a teen weh don't believe inn
Progress and team goudas lock down the housing scheme
Big up all the gal dem wa have dem own cream
Set yuh own a trend yuh set yuh own scène
Mi intervene


Sang di gi di
Blip ban
Dim ba ba di bi bi
Yeh beanie Man the dancehall king
Yeh all mi girl this is a warning
Si yuh sexy and do yuh thing yeh
And no make nobody tell yuh wa yuh caw do or weh yuh caw go
R weh yuh caw reach in a life
Yea lord lord


[Verse 1]