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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Born As a Gangster (S)
Song:   Born As a Gangster
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

From you know seh you straight and you born as a gangsta
Let me see the hands dem now
Caw nough bwoy go New York and Miami go bow
And come back seh dem rich, dem a gyow

From unuh born as a gangsta
Swear you nuh wangsta
Meck mi see the hands dem now
Caw nough bwoy go a Canada and England go bow
And come back seh dem bad dem gyow

[Verse 1]
Tell a likkle duppy bat that a rat
Set a trap
Hotter claps, hotter claps
Hand a pop, tune a buss, bass a drop
On a sound pon a knock
Teeth a knock, man a chat
Finger point, none a that
Ricko case get the cops
Money run, ship a that
Bag a this, bag a that
Ready fi a robber tact
Gyal dem just a tocky, tack
Left it and a drop it flat
From a gyal city lock
Cynodine that a that
Ever brown, ever hot


[Verse 2]
Tell every man gyal a sell
Catalina, Minomel
No throw no fist, nuh ring no bell
But mi in a hannabell
Put you in a mi gold and meck mi chain you like a Nevel Bell
Lock mi up in a yo cell
Water mi put in a yo well
Charge you like a Alkatel
Dem yah gyal yah bad no hell
Gyal you meck mi body swell
Paw me you nuh haffi work no spell
Weh you think mi tell Michael?
I will take mi time just like a snail
And slip up in a yo shell

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 1]