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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Boasy Wid It (S)
Song:   Boasy Wid It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey Beenie a chat dem a chat
Lip dem a lip
We run the road and wi boasty wid it

Cause the kyle dem thick
Style dem sick
We run the road and wi boasty wid it

Clean from wi shoes
We run the road and wi boasty wid it

Cup full a liquor, sip wi a sip

[Verse 1]
Wa dem a hype bout now
Wi done wid that
Long, long, time ago

The gyal dem have up now
Wi done have that
Long, long, time ago

Spend money like wow, wow, wow
A nuh just now
A long, long, time ago
From way round a Wampard
Mi nuh just start
From long, long, time ago

Mi money nuffer than a bulk a Sunday Gleaner
Member short pants and tear marina
Black Maria from round a Rema
Now a white porch wi driving in a
Cris taxi gyal a watch mi in a
Have show from Jamaica to California
Now mi money clean like a dry cleaner
Like the ground godzilla in a the beemer


[Verse 2]
Everyday me spend money like mi crazy
Caw me work hard mi nuh lazy
Girls a the world weh amaze mi
Caw mi pretty like the flower name Dazey
Dem a hype wid riches dem nuh phase wi
Wi money beat dem bad like slavery
Young and fresh wi nuh old like lady
Road to riches wi a pave hi


[Verse 1]