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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Badmind People (S)
Song:   Badmind People
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

How mi fi grudge you fi yo money when mi have my own?
Work hard fi weh mi have, find my own
Yo careless wid yo gyal she a my own
A my own

A mussi true mi clean like a whistle so much gyal waan fi blow mi
Or a true a me sing seromi
No likkle fassy no fi try toe to toe mi
Ni–a move from yah suh you no owed mi

Girls dem sugar am the one and only
A bag a gyal waan ride mi like pony
Genuine links wi no keep friends weh foney
That's why dem cyaa over throw mi

[Verse 1]
One o clock, two o clock
Hold on deh who a knock
Patricia and her whole dam crew attack
Ten car load, each vehicle have two a back
Dem no waan mister true and mister true a wa
Big gold chain and mi rolex when full a rock
Every weh mi turn up me and mi whole crew a lock
Last year girls get sub fi the newer stock
No matter what unuh full a crap


[Verse 2]
Achieve many gold and more a set
Rich already and still waan more asset
Dem a go turn up the bad mind more a bet
Cause dem still don't have no tour a get
I swear seh mi never work obeah yet
This yah old dawg have him own a vet
Weh dem deh when me up in a cold a sweat
Next year mi haffi have mi own a jet


[Verse 3]
Yow tell dem fi leave mi
All over the world girls receive mi
Dutty bad mind people unuh grieve mi
Dem old stinking foot deh weh cheesy
Not even palm reader cyaa read mi
Mi smoke weed, but mi nuh smoke beedy
From then till now the girls need mi
Mi do mi own thing nobody cyaa feed mi
Believe mi

[Chorus x2]