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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Badmind (S)
Song:   Badmind
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

But dem badmind
A mankind crucified Jesus
Why you think dem wouldn't waan do you that?
Suh all wi a talk bout badmind
Dem naw stop

[Verse 1]
Go tell badmind mi nuh cater
Cyaa stop mi from meck the paper
Weh gimmi car and skyscraper
Gyal dem sugar could a never raper

Mount a doe weh mi meck dem call mi baker
Just build a safe pon a couple acre
Tek weh mi self tell dutty traitor
Fi disappear like vapor

Because why, yo badmind
Yo badmind
Why yo hate me cause mi have mine
Yo badmind, yo badmind
Yo shouldn't grudge mi cause mi have mine

A my own, a my own
Everything mi work for a my own
A my own, a my own
Yo shouldn't badmind
Go look your own

[Verse 2]
Bamind disease dem carrying
Worster than gingist, and itla, and stalling
Another thing when dem si champagne popping
Badmind a the sinus
Mi money a the poling
Money allergies mi not having
Base ball mi and mi money a play catching
Right round the clock not stopping
Ticka, ticka, tock, the golden hen hatching


[Verse 1]