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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Pollywog Stew EP
Song:   Jimi
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Beastie Boys]
Ohhh whoahhh, let's like
Get my bong, and do up some heavy weed, man
I got some really, heavy mediciney type of stuff
Ohhh I love stoned joints
Totally busted
It's totally raunchy... brrrbrbrbrbr
This is heavy heavy weed...

[Lyrics: Beastie Boys]
Heyyyyy a lot of drugs, go to hell
You ain't got nothin nothin to say
Why don't you just, go away
You ain't got nothin nothin to tell
Why don't you just, go to hell
You've got nothin nothin nothin in your head
Odds are cunt, you could be dead!!

[Outro: Beastie Boys]
Ohh let's get back to my bong
Yeah, ohhh, it's like just... heavy
WOOOOOO! Brrrbrbrbrbr brrrbrbrbrbr