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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Song:   Say It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
To the heart of the matter, the mic I shatter
So cold on the mic it'll make your teeth chatter
You climb the corporate ladder, to make your pockets fatter
We be flippin styles like pancake batter

Looking through your binos, spyin on me
I'm runnin like a wino on a drinkin spree
Call yourself an emcee, but what's ya truth?
You gotta another noose inside the toll booth

Suckers sniffin on socks, chewin on rocks
My competition has the combination to the lock
You wanna get inside well then you best not knock
And when you get on you got to rock the spot

Once it hits your mind what you gonna do?
Don't keep it inside you, got, to
Say it! Let it out, let it out
Scream! Run and shout, run and shout
Scream! Gotta put it out, put it out
Say it! Gonna get it out, get it out

[Verse Two]
Now I can feel it in my bloodstream, see it in the eyes
People linin up with their own demise
They have the man made troubles to, monetize
Corporate violence we can't reply

You could keep 'em out of service, and you're a complainer
You bust your ass Jones like you slipped on a banana
Like nick nack paddy wack you got to let it out
From the vine to the line to the world give a shout

Line to the line, paper to the pen
A brand new dance called David Rodigan
You sure really wanna let me begin?
You can't stop me rhymin when I let go

Life is good and then it gets you
Stuff you thought, it comes true