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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Song:   Lee Majors Come Again
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hold up - God damn it, this thing
Alright, wait hold on Adam
This thing keeps fallin off

[Verse One]
Wooooo~! Doin it big, ah-ahh!
I'm the lyrical, mathematical genius
Splashin like lime juice, you've never seen this
Internationally known, the longest, the leanest
Shoutout to one Jose Nenis

I hit 'em with the rhyme and the rhyme don't stop
We got the beat and the beat gon' drop
The ping-pong paddle make the battle go pop
Now take a look around this spot

I'm seein every detail, like an overcranked camera
Sleestaks in the back say "Damn ya!"
You say you can't and I say "Why can't ya?"
Choppin the track in the, in the land of

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You wanna buy this
You wanna take that
Wanna-wanna try this
Wanna-wanna make that
You can't abide this
You wanna fake that
Take, a, look, a-round you

[Verse Two]
There's a bird in here
That's my DJ, not Doctor Brassiere
Droppin bombs like a bombardier
Like cacao, it's a chocolatier

We're givin y'all a little slice of heaven
B-boys bringin it back to eighty-seven
Deal with the schism, ride on the rhythm
Sweet like pie and the pie's what I give 'em

I'll stage a coup and usurp your position
Cause, cause like a Mormon, I'm on a mission
We're audible-visible, cadence is lyrical
Got the mental and physical when the moment is critical


Uh, Lee Majors come again
Like the Sixty Million Dollar Man
Woooo~!! Watch out!
In the back of the bus
Gonna bust!
Lee Majors style

[Beastie Boys]
I said stop! Watch how I flip
Bill Piedmont with the kung-fu grip
Haymaker, roundhouse, show can't continue
At the roller rink, down in Virginia

Oh, did I, spill the beans?
I seen your grandpa in apple bottom jeans
A Von Dutch cap, Ugg boots to match
The word gets out, you can't take it back

Cause I'm just a pause tape competition expert winner
Just a doggone, long-armed, tall yarn spinner
You want a battle? Easy now star
My DJ's so nasty he needs a sneeze guard