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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Song:   B-Boys in the Cut (Japanese Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, uhh
To the, to the, to the people up top!

[Beastie Boys]
Bam! God damn!
Holy mackerel, pulling suckers' cards out the satchel
You can sleep tonight, it's okay
B-Boys in the cut and we're here to stay

Vibration, sensation
Chatter up on the mic and it's an incantation
Revelation, elation
A little patience with the tribulations

Heed my flow, I got mo' in sto'
Of rhymes are not just for breakfast any more
Always on vacation, like Clark and Rusty
Don't wanna make the beer fest? Trust me

[Chorus: scratched]
"B-Boys in the cut - and we're here to stay"

[Beastie Boys]
Your wack style is beyond a pale
Heel up, wheel up, to the one Judge Smails
Come at me with rain, I'm comin back with hail
My broadsword will cut through your chain mail

(Back up, Mike) Well Ad Rock, one of the greatest of all time
No disrespect, I got to go for mine
Big Mike D, number spittin lead paint
Bringing it back, begin da oh-ah-oh-ah

A-D-R-O-C-K spells relief
There's holes in my story like Leon Spinks' teeth
Good grief, the middle name's Keith
I keep a microphone in a little weird sheath


[Beastie Boys]
I'm like, Oscar the Grouch, trashy
Rockin Derelicte, flashy
I keep it raw y'all, just imagine
The 42nd Street C train bathroom

I sizzle on the mic like a battered fried fish
Pundits in the house sayin WHAT~?! That's rich
This the type of shit that's gonna scratch that itch
Now I'ma set it off from up inside this bitch

I see you're lookin at me and thinkin "What him do?"
Well I rap upon this mic, Mike D, Sweet Lou
Also known as Pretty Lou, a/k/a Pretty Mike
I switch up my name pretty much how I like

[Outro - same as "The Larry Routine"]
This routine dates way back
A lot of people may remember this routine
but it's evolved, now
Yeah from the summer before last

[Mike D]
Well my name's Mike D and I got a new name
And that new name is - LARRY!!

[Ad Rock]
Well my name is Ad Rock, and then I got a new name
And my new name is - HARRY!!

Well my name is MCA, but I got a new name
And that new name is - GARY!!

[Beastie Boys]
Well my DJ's name, it stayed the same
Cause his new name is - BARRY!!