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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Check Your Head
Song:   Live at P.J.'s
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Right now it's showtime at P.J.'s!
How about, welcoming back with us...

Thanks for coming down tonight
It's nice to see all of you guys back here
All of you guys
Alright we're gonna freak this one out now
We're gonna get into it now

[Verse One]
Well! Back to the back to the beat y'all
Down with the sound so sweet y'all
Just how fresh can you get y'all?
Those that are blessed say yes y'all
I'ma come inside and do my thing
I'ma take off my drawers and I'ma let myself swing
Tantalize my tummy with a boo boo snack
But now I got to get back
Yeah... ohhh, this one's for you and you and you


[Verse Two]
Gonna break it down to the nitty grit
I'm gonna tell you motherfuckers why you ain't shit
Cause suckers like you just make me strong
You be poppin that bullshit all day long..
I'm gonna bust my shoes, I'm gonna bust my socks
I'm gonna spread my word from standin on this box
This drivethrough world it just ain't right
Gonna run to Joe & Tony's and get my hair cut nice
Yeah, real nice y'all


[Verse Three]
Well! Come on y'all, and just come on y'all
And just, work work work work it out y'all
I'm tryin to get up, so don't you get me down
Life I love you, now give me a pound
Up from the fryin pan into the fire
Look within and try to admire
Yeah, what's going on y'all?

Yeah, aww yeah
A little bit of claps, soul clap
And I'ma get my shit together boy
Aww yeah! Gonna, gonna, aww yeah
Gonna get it together
Everybody, gonna get it together
Can you hear me one time? Fo' yo' mind
Aww yeah {*whistling*}
Okay, that's it for the night folks
It's good to hear y'all out there
Come back next week
We'll have some sheets for ya
Remember on your way home
If you're drivin, don't drink
And if you drink, don't drive