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Artist: Beastie Boys
Album:  Paul's Botique
Song:   B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Mike on the Mic
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Here's another one for y'all to peep
It's called M-I-K-E on the M-I-C

[Mike D]
See... I met this girl last night with a peculiar cackle
I laid the bait then she took the tackle
Had too much to drink, at the Red Lobster
Now the room is spinnin 'round like the blades of a helicopter
Never met the girl, that was too finicky
If the press has their way then they're going to finish me
You might know this, but you've never been this see
If I ate spinach I'd be called Spinach D
I shed light, cats shed fur
Ride around town like uh Raymond Burr
I'm so high that they call me Your Highness
So if you don't know me then pardon my shyness
I live in the Village wherever I go I walk to
Keepin my friends around so I have someone to talk to
I play my music loud because you know it's got clout to it
{"It's a trip... it's got a FUNKY beat
 and I can bug out to it!"}