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Artist: Beast 1333
Album:  The Martyr
Song:   Mark of the Beast
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Yo the World a Mess
we All Lust the Flesh
I won't Stop till the People
see Success
So Many beat to Death
so Many people Left
With the Mark of the Beast
can't cheat the Test
You bear the Mark 
i Bear the Mark
With the blood in the Waters
there for Sharks
Now everybody want to Be Quoting Marx
with a Less of the Bite
And a More the Bark
in A World of Fakes
Here's what it Takes
gotta have Big Balls
Not Baby Grapes
at A Crazy Pace
Let's do it Face to Face
the Whole Race chase Waste
Space Age Sensash 
with a Warm embrace
They go and Stab your Back
it's so Wack that the Hacks
Flapjack the Tracks
and When the Bombs attack
We Gon Bomb em Back
wit the Cold Facts Rap Tracks
Catch a Jax
Theres No Latch attached
you Can't Own a Soul
So don't Go Go Scroll Po Po Patrol
lets Go Toe to Toe Like Pro Dojo Throws
Sold your Soul so Don't Go so Slow
no Need to Crow 
No Need to Flip
what we Need is a Change in Leadership
Wont even Give a Chance to Plead the Fifth
before the Radar Go From
Bleep to Blip Bitch