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Artist: Beast 1333
Album:  Birth of the Beast
Song:   2033
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Lets take it all the Way to 2033
if you ain't heard of Me Im Beast 1333 they wanna Murder Me
after the Government fell in 2012
The states of America turned into a Hell
we all fell for the Spells With the people in a Panic
on December 21st the Comet Hit up the Atlantic
The wave became Gigantic and Swallowed up the Landmasses
Many thought it was Apocalypse on they Damn Asses
3/4 of the People on the Planet Died
and a Handfull in Underground Bunkers survived
So its
6,775,000,00 Minus 3/4 equals a whole lot of your Siblings
Left surface Temperature Sizzling 
(Pause)and Evaporated everything on the Surface including Buildings
For the people that Survived
when the Comet came to Murk us 
It was another 13 years before They Ever Reached the Surface
when they Finally got Outside
It was 2025
it was 67,000 people Glad to be Alive
I could not believe my Eyes let me tell you what I seen
It was Like Octopuses, Tentacles , but these Things were Machines
(Ay yo You Breaking Up)
Yo theres a Hole in the Continuum
when the Rock hit it knocked earth off its Equilibrium
And the Motherfucker didn't Hit the Planet Just by Accident
the Internet was Sentient It took Control attracted it
(What you Mean Attracted it?)
magnetically it Charged the Poles
Attracting a Magnetic Meteorite that Will smash the Globe
(I cant believe it) 
Well you better start Believing
i'm Not Reaching across time For No Reason
(what you Trying to tell me that we all Gonna Die?!)
Not you them 7 billion Other Mother Guys 
If you want to stay Alive
do Exactly what you Been Do Codex Alimentarius
Killed a Billion Hindus
thats Really not the Issue though
Refuse they New Technologies
spread the News and Whistle blow
And spread it through Society
and all Im asking is that you go and Alert the Masses
Remember the movie They Live? 
when they made them Put on Glasses?
But this time the Glasses are Masses of Information
on December 21st Everyone to they Battle Stations
The thing thats Gonna Hit us is Gonna have a Negative Charge
So the Positive Charge on the Missiles we Send should be Large
that wont Blow it out the Stars That will Break them down Shards
to Try and Lessen the Impact
As giant pieces Fall in Yards
(Im losing the Signal Again!)
Theres only one More thing Ima leave you Wit my Friend
the Internet a Consciousness
A virtual Living Awareness
that will be the Doom of the planet If our People Stay Careless
keep Transmissions Airless
And disconnect your Wireless
spread it like a Plague
And call it Codename Annihilus
the Wifi and 3G's Believe me Avoid the Mess
and the Global Positioning systems on your GPS
Digitized Cordless Telecommunications
directional Antennaes Removed from all Nations
Theirs no time for Patience
Im Losing Em
Tell them to Logout and Stop Using Them!