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Artist: Beanie Sigel
Album:  Still Public Enemy #1
Song:   Same Ole Thang
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Beanie Sigel]
Uhh, I did it again niggaz (ha ha!)
You know you done fucked up right? (Right.. right..)
I know what y'all out there askin y'allself (uhhh)
Will his gun EVER jam up?

... a lot of speculations
on the hammers I done raised, niggaz I done blazed
Man I stay strapped, will that nigga really clap?
Niggaz I got popped or shot up direct
Is it true he kept a mac and don't fuck with them tecs?
What's the position you hold, when that stock gon' fold
On that K rappers sprayed when my gun unload
Bullets tired of shit, but they'll leave you cold
Before +Boyz+ turn +II Men+ they at the "End of they Road"
Yeah the bully back, to put you on your ass
quicker than that fully mac slide a bullet in the shaft
I give 'em room to breathe, but never room to leave
Every nigga I done clapped, never came back
Locked, nice glock, nigga you should see the mac
That hold 40 fevers when the stock pulled back
You be sweatin like 40 fevers when I pull that
Let's end the speculations on will I clap
When you muh'fuckers gon' realize that?
I blaze you without a razor get your wig pushed back

It's the same ole thang, in the game and it ain't no change
Cats come don't say no names, we don't play no games
And we quick to let the thang go bang
If a nigga wanna test my aim, it's the same ole thang
Same ole thang, it's the same ole thang
Same ole thang

[Beanie Sigel]
Man, ain't shit different, it's the old Ford Sig' remix
Braids gone, my wave's on, got 'em seasick, I'm up in
Your ribs touchin like you ain't eat shit
Whoever said that the kid wouldn't be shit? Stacks increasin
That's a moot point so keep leapin
Spaces to the left, feds keep creepin
Plottin on my arrest, they want a nigga stretched in the precinct
Press'll paint a picture like, don't release him
Check his background, his prior stretch since a delinquent
Plus check the people he in sync with
Them +Old Kids on the Blocks+, who else who on the +Backstreets+?
The +Boys+ tryin to +Color Him Badd+
He's a three-time felon in fact, he on probation right now
Ankle bracelet can't confine him to the house
Bad weight, no consighment, can't confine him 'til it drought
My fed case lawyer knocked the bottom of it out, BLAOW