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Artist: Bathgate & T.J.
Album:  Clap Ya Hammers 12"
Song:   Clap Ya Hammers
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[TJ:]	T.J.
[Bath:] Bathgate nigga
[TJ:]	Rico-la nigga
[Bath:] Y'all get ready

Clap ya hands now people clap now
Clap ya hands now people clap ya hands

Now what you know bout the kid on the strip
Mack extend a clip
I seen pappy get a brick
or crack from fity fifth
I'm not a game, I'm a gangsta
Slap you with the fifth
Lay low, eh yo! Back up in the mix
I'm a two time felon, two time rebellin
Do crime, do time, no sides are tellin
Rather blow with the case
Never roll with the state
Name hold heavy weight
I sold crack in every state
that I been through
I got plenty shots to send you
Your man too, better back up like an (?)
Whoa, you dudes don't really want it
I cock that glock back, bullets all in your stomach
I'm gangsta, thats with a capital G
Y'all niggas pranksters, don't wanna battle with me
Cause I take it the streets while y'all fakin on beats
The type that wanna speak when y'all faced with the heat
Dat ain't gangsta

Naw that ain't gangsta at all
Y'all niggas is soft
I kill style I'm rippen em off
Keep them dudes like hand nails, clippin em off
Man I'm attached to my money like I'm cotten em off (<--- ??)
Gates, fucka, the flow great make ruckus
And I know X make them broads real great suckas
The hammers speak well when a nigga cake suffer
I'm good with that wooden spoon and that cake fluffer

[Chorus x3]

They say the smallest nigga is the first nigga to clap
I'm the smallest nigga with the three eighty and black
Size nine nine shells and the tips is flat
Now thats perfect for bone breakin when its rippin the fat
Mother fuckas I ain't talkin, I'm just kickin the facts
Mother fuckas kick back while I'm kickin my spack
And put you on a new rap, full of diesel and crack
Show you niggas how to sell it before its lethal and packed
And I'm good with the thirty thirty hittin your hood
This your maniac in black, mister Gate Eastwood
My word travel like a twenty two leavin the barrel
And my teflon apparel can't be pierced with an arrow
See I'm shootin from the three and not closin the box
I like changed when my grand-daddy shot my pops
My whole outlook on life is a bird's view of the block
Fuck freeze, nigga please, I'm usin the glock
Now thats gangsta, thats with a capital G
Thought I told y'all dudes y'all faggots to me
The type I slap up, get guns and clap up
You niggas ain't that tough, I dare you to act up
I been real before John Lopez
And my finger up on this trigger got an itch like dopeheads
So please don't get it confused
My gun'll spit at you dudes
Like little kids with bad manners we clap them hammers

[Chorus x3]