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Artist: Bas f/ J. Cole, KQuick
Album:  Last Winter
Song:   Lit
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: screwed sample of Miguel's "Do You..."]
"Do you still believe in love?"
"Or do you like drugs?"

Ran into a night owl rollin' White Owls, girl it's been awhile since I hit a White Owl
I'm with it though, she a centerfold, big ol' blunt look like tentacles
She strip in Europe, Interpol, don't remember her in her clothes
I fucked her friend, damn they was close, let's reunite, let's get 'em close
Hit 'em twice, in a row, hit a flight, and I'm ghost
That's the last time I seen her though, she be gettin' too eager hoe
Stamp it like it's my visa, cheefin' off of these berries
When the world gets heavy and it hurts to carry, I'm her midnight mercenary

[Chorus: Bas]
It's lit, feel the buzz?
That's a half? Shit it was
It's lit, feel the buzz?
It's lit, feel the buzz?

She take me to a place that I never would discover, might never have another, so I had to fuck her
Reach into my pockets, damn I ain't got a rubber, see my nigga Ron like L. Ron Hubbard
He be outta space, say he got a case of straps at the back of the hotel cupboard
Room 508, check by the safe, she say "Boy you got it made, do you got a cape?"
I ain't with the games ma, do I gotta wait? I'm quite impatient
Intoxication got me feelin' like procreatin', girl I'm the baker, you surely cakin'
Stand back, catch my amazing graces
Photo finish and fornication, photo finish and fornication


(Liiit) Feel the buzz
Can you feel the buzz?
(Liiit) Mm, feel the buzz
Ohh-whoa, yeah
Do you believe in love? What's your drug?
What's your drug? Ohh-whoa

[Interlude: J. Cole]
Take it all the way from the beginnin', yeah yeah yeah
Now comes the question of which intro do you use
Do you use this intro or the other intro I was talkin' on?
But then that let's people know I had more than one take
So maybe we should just not use this
And use the other intro so people would think I just took it straight through
Yeah let's do that, heheheh

[J. Cole] + (Bas)
You'd be surprised, how many truths you can hide in flows, I'm listenin' to this beat with my eyelids closed
Thoughts keep flashin' and I keep laughin', I never thought that I would fuck Irish hoes
Maybe Asian bitches, or Caucasian bitches
Remember when I got to New York, I was lost because all I ever saw was Jamaican bitches
I ain't barely know what Jamrock was, lil' country nigga goddamn I was
to you niggas talkin online, until you make it this high then you could never understand this buzz
Well, maybe if you put yourself in the shoes of a nigga comin' straight out the South
No gold grill, just a East Coast feel and a set of crooked teeth in his mouth
Make them hoes bounce, they can't get enough, niggas say I made it, I ain't make it enough
Man hang that nigga, you a real lame ass nigga if you ain't got my tape in your truck
Cole, umm, World, don't you forget that
I think I lost my mind 'round the same time I lost my six pack
But, huh, no sit-ups for me, long as my dick still get up for me
Long as a hoe still give up for me, she usually charge but she get us for free
Woah, that's TMI, lil something like TMZ
Scared of the days you'll be seein' me cause my girl do not play, coach DNP
That's somethin' for the hoop fans, just copped her the coupe man
No drop top but a slot on the roof that can slide out, and get a lil sun while you ride out
Ced on the beat, let me vibe out, we was 15 with a ASR up in my house
Writin' rhymes out, momma made it happen, could've been a lawyer but I made it rappin'
Huh, he made it rappin', now at the shows, he the main attraction
Another shot of Henny so I'm faded askin' "How long do this drug called fame be lastin'?"
(It's lit, feel the buzz?)
Another shot of Henny so I'm faded askin' "How long do this drug called fame be lastin'?"
That's deep

[Outro: Bas]
Feel the buzz?
It's lit, feel the buzz?
Feel the buzz?