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Artist: Ant Banks f/ MC Breed 
Album:  Do or Die
Song:   Money Don't Make a Man  
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[Intro: MC Breed]
Money don't make a man, money don't make this man
But a man can make money!
Ta-daw, yeah, HAY!!
Once again that nigga A-N-T, for the nine Fi-dive, HEY!!

Money don't make a man, money don't make a man
But a man can make money!

[Verse One: Ant Banks]
Not money y'all, change your man after changing hands
And he moves from the ghetto lands up to metal lands
Now, peep a nigga when he come up, cause everytime he run up
Yo, have a different whore with her hair done up
He hang with troops, keeps a gang of loot
Never seen without a .25 inside his boots
And if you shoot, then he has to blast 
The ghetto bastard; decide for his cast 
But really headed for disaster making
It's the way that nigga trip and shit
Cause when you hang, really that nigga be running his lip and shit 
And he's bound to getting caught up eventually
If he don't stop doing that old B.G. shit and become an O.G.
He is the nigga with the masterplan
That's what he talked to the partner he was hanging with
Starts beating soft
He ain't never should've let that shit goes straight to his head
But now we're charging to the game, explaining that to the feds now

[Chorus: MC Breed]
Money don't make a man, money don't make a man
But a man can make money!
It's all about money, ain't a damn thing funny
You gots to have a kind in this land of milking honey
Yeah, money don't make a man, money don't make a man
But a man can make money!
It's all about money, ain't a damn thing funny
But don't let it change you, rearrange you

[Verse Two: Ant Banks]
This bitch used to fuck my nigga up until my nigga went broke 
Swore she loved him, only if he was paying card notes
Getting cribs, getting tips, taking trips even cruises
Bahamas weekends, whatever the bitch chooses
Fuck me up, to see my partner getting played
But what the fuck can I tell the nigga that's getting paid?
Days, weeks, months go by
And the sitter of this happeness are just ran dry
Down to his last cent, time to pay the rent
And I can tell your ass just where this cash went
Out being spent by the number one hooker
The bottoms up, gold digger, good looker
I used to fuck that bitch, but now she's doing himp 
And the whore want my dick back, picture that with Fuji Film
Now you wanna hug, don't even try that
Awww, now you love me?! ~ bitch, can you buy that?

[Chorus: MC Breed]

[Verse Three: Ant Banks]
Now, ?? you a second up out position
This be dis-impleasant, what I mean
Is I'm out to envision what that's yet to be seen
What's been done has already been forgotten
?? spitting no bullshit, the whole world despite you
Wide you, on and popping off in my neighborhood
I know what's love, so what up, cause the flavor is good
I never gave a fuck, but I pay to fuck
But don't trip cause some whores slip never saved a buck
I go put the mind in anatomy
But your shit perceive, bitch, don't try to flatter me
I'm shooting from the hip and never even slip
Now, wise them in the Mr. Making grip, cause..

[Chorus: MC Breed]