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Artist: Ant Banks f/ J-Dubb, WC and the MAAD Circle
Album:  Ant Banks Presents: Big Thangs
Song:   Hard Knox
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* 10 Count down beeps before the beats started

[Intro: Ant Banks] 
Bitch, I know my A, B, C..
From the school of Hard Knox..
Bitch, I know my A, B, C..
From the school of Hard Knox..

I'm from the school of Hard Knox
Sex, Dope Money and glocks in dope spots
And automatic shots, I was a crazy motherfucker on campus
Smokin' frauds like tampers, changin' whores like pampers
These squares ain't knowin' the flowin, I keep it goin'
From dusk to dawn start the business
Out to do the maga, plus, the bangers
I keep my eyes on the paper, moves are major
Stackin' padges with the capers

It's the.. it's the hood star, still givin' it up
Connectin' with my nigga Ant Banks and J-Dubb
Swervin' on twenties in my Regal countin' paper
I brought on busters and snitches and player haters
Skate on my raps
Been bustin' the slugs, makin' the snaps
Runnin' with nothin' but killers
Real fellows and lick hitters
Oooooh, cap peelers, snap stealers
Ugh, jack willers, crack dealers
Stack sckrilla, nigga

It's the.. it's the hood star, cap peeler
Niggaz like us be livin' it up

We gotta get the money to stash 
And paper jackin' busters, it's a hobby for cash
Livin' major

It's the.. it's the hood star, West Rider
From the school of Hard Knox with my nigga J-Dubb

Bitch, I know my A,B,Cs
But all I ever did in life is fuck with Gs

W from the W, west sign, black baller in these Chuck-T's
Sniffed the big brown sack
Strong with the lip-skip-skip
Money fold, pistol smoke, when that big rip dip
Look at there
Aiy just listen this nigga still can't fade
Bitch shut up her pantie, I gets my walk on daily
Lay these busters on their back
Run it up on them and take their sacks
Lettin' .44 spit, I gives the fuck about this rap shit

So what you're sayin, niggaz dyin' from gun fire?
Money hard to come by
Quick thieves and jews, and so-cold hearted fools 
That break law and rules and live like lawless
Rough, Rugged and raw with guardless
So who's the hardest? - Dubb is flawless
In turnin' Dollars to Gs, OZs to Keys
Friends to enemies, and pack tip with greed
Cause all I need is a fat bag of weed
Cause I've been tensed to keep


I keep them guessin' like Jeans
While steady on the quest with cream
With more schemes than the dope fiend team
Whores in spleen, thugged out, no doubt
So motherfuck your paper route
I need the money and the clout
I got to hustle 'til convicted
Love to kick it, love to steal it
But don't know a thing about chill it
It's money over padges, it's hands been gettin' cabbage
Stay strapped with automatics, jackin' busters is a habit

Low Pro' and Curb Servin'
Ain't a damn thing changin'
Same figure niggaz still bangin'
Bandana swingin' for hangin' 
I'm shankin' til the shawl I be bangin
Double O claimin, rollin' C, Mack and Toones 
When I'll be connectin' Bean-Bean packin'
Runnin' the pavement, G-up in the black Khaki suit
Greetin' niggaz with the 21 Gun Salute
About the front-back coupé, bow down to the realist
Pushin' more dope than the neighborhood killers, nigga

[Chorus: X2]

* count down beeps until fade