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Artist: Ant Banks f/ AllFrumThaI
Album:  Big Thangs 
Song:   Fien 
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[Intro: Binky Mack]
AllFrumThaI baby, worldwide baby "Money making"
AllFrumThaI baby, worldwide baby
AllFrumThaI baby, worldwide baby
And it won't STOP!

[Verse One: Squeak Ru]
I got nothing but paper on my mind
I got nothing but dollar signs
And you know that my office be the streets
Can't let know grass grew under my fetus
Little boys play with toys and Lollipops
When they mean to turn the killers in big shots
And you better get yours everday
If you can't hang, then don't come out to play
Keep your pistol fully loaded with the clip
Niggaz peeping, you can't afford no shit
Gangster turn me late to bed, ready to ride
So uncle trying to be the first to glide
Drinking Forty-O-E out of the brown bast
Mashing down the block in the S-Class
Getting hip, for the tip, on the four-door
Just having money, shit, it shows so especial

[Chorus: Binky Mack]
Money, whores and narcotics, and it won't stop
Bitches, switches and hydraulics, and it won't quit
That's what I fiend, I gots to get green
As my westside niggaz are I roll with
Money, whores and narcotics, and we won't stop
Bitches, switches and hydraulics, and we won't quit
That's what I fiend, I gots to get green
As my westside niggaz are I roll with

[Verse Two: Binky Mack]
While I'm stacking a grip
Remains the same, shady niggaz don't trip
Gots my mind on my money while I'm milking this bitch
Five hundred block, niggaz come around the way
Inglewood is the hood, kicking gangster slang
AllFrumThaI is the lick when we mash and shit
Binky Mack and Squeak Ru when we mass to a bitch
Got them whores on the nuts like M&Ms on peanuts
Stabbing and jabbing, while them whores catch the heaters 
Mix a little cranberry with Tanqueray
Just got laid, now I'm about to get paid
Upsetting, now I'm on a mobile phone and I'm gunning
Next whores are on the nuts cause I'm off the six hundred

[Chorus: Binky Mack]

[Verse Three: Binky Mack]
Got them chickens on the stall getting stole up
Everybody know me cause I got the city sold up
I.P.P can't see me, better yet be me
If I'm broke as a motherfucker, who gonna feed me?
Gots to roll the new Range Rover and shit
Messed with model fine whores, been grabbing my dick
It's the same old niggaz with the gangster hits
With some lyrics to an Ant Banks' track and shit, nigga

[Verse Four: Squeak Ru]
I'll bet you about it gets two thousand
Niggaz'll gonna have to handcuff their whores
Cause bitches'll gonna be browing.. 
To let the fat man, and the Talcum too
Counting money by the cases cause the shit we do
The incredible, and it just don't stop 
I was born to make a Mill' and floss the Rag-top
To me being broke ain't no hassle
If the mansion gets too small, I'd just go get a casstle

[Chorus: Binky Mack]

[Outro: Binky Mack]
Yeah, that's what I fiend
No fucking wonder that my pocket's steady ganging
Got a bitch on my dick every minute
Ha ha, yeah, ha ha, yeah
AllfrumTha I, Binky Mack and Squeak Ru
Putting it down with Ant Banks
Another one of them.. Westside, Bay Area collaboration
Ha ha, if y'all niggaz wanna go get some paper
Leave all that bullshit alone
Ha ha, yeah, cause we finna get rich as a bitch
Ha ha, Another one of them bomb ass hits, One-O production
Ha ha, BI-A-ITCH!!