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Artist: Bankroll Fresh
Album:  Life of a Hot Boy 2: Real Trapper (Mixtape)
Song:   Ski
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Glock got watch, I can tell ya watch
Everything you see
Got ya rollie on my fucking Ski
I'm who these pussy rap niggas wanna be
Super charger got it behind me, like a bee
Ran off on your partner, I'm free
If you want it, I pull up, I'll charger you fee

Hit it with the water
Tryna get another quarter
Bad bitch on my dick, on my list
Ima hit a million dollar fucking lick
Think I'm working out the trap
Bring the bars with the strap
All my niggas know example
Real nigga from the cap
Zone 3, where we be
BBG I'm from street
Strap fool where we be


Looking like a boss nigga
Show ya how to floss nigga
Bankroll got a bin nigga
Bankroll got it all nigga
Nigga hating threw a tray
All these rap niggas fake
Boy you know I'm fucking with ya
45 cold cases
Carbon with the drum nigga
Carbon with the scope nigga
Came from selling dope nigga
Ion owe no nigga
GD, Blood a folk nigga
Throw it up, you low nigga
Bankroll know whats going on
Show you the rope nigga