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Artist: Baeza
Album:  Dough and Dro
Song:   Reminisce
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I feel like, a young 2Pac or some shit... I don't know

[Verse 1]
Felt like yesterday that I was young and shy
Now I gotta pay taxes and I'm getting high
Who would've thought I'd be this man today
Who would've thought all of my homies would be sellin yeigh
I mean it don't matter to me, get it how you live
Cuz girl I used to dig when they had a kid (fuck it shit)
I'm doing my thang grindin for pay
Ask me what my motive is, I don't know i'm livin this day for day
I gotta baby on the way, Mia I love you
I'll kill for my blood, (uhh) put no one above you
Promise i won't leave you like he did me
Nobody has the right to kill another dream
Got a little dough, so they think I changed
Still the same player if I pulled up in the range
People love me, but only for my fame
Let me roll another up so I can ease my pains

And I just, and i just, and I just
Smoke weed
And I just, and I just, and I just
Get high
And I just, and I just, and I just
And I just, and I just, and I just

[Verse 2]
Looking back I see mistakes that I've made
But when your young it's all fun until you have to pay
Mama Let me take the time to say "I love you"
Pops let me tell you I apreciate your struggle
Thes words ain't enough
I need to make it up
But I can never touch enough
To equal ya
Take my compensation
Im forever loyal save you with no hesitation
Now I realize just what I got
Stealing was cool until I slipped and got caught
Posted on the east
Runnin through the streets
Got kicked out the crib and started sellin tree
Feeling like the world is against me
Me and my notepad letting all the stress free
People love me now, but its only for my fame
Let me roll another up so i can ease up on my pains


Yeah we gone roll one, smoke one [8x]