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Artist: (Bad Azz f/) Mac Minister
Album:  Personal Business
Song:   Intro: Da Birth (Born Bad)
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[Mac Minister]
Bad Azz, ever since we was knee high to a ducks butt
He didn't give a fuck, so you suckas is shit out of luck
He got more cousins than Foster Farms got eggs by the dozens
So if you're weak, you blink, you take too long to think
The little nigga will sink, your battleship
Ever since he was yay big to a pig, he was born a hog
With the game to teach all y'all, earhustlin' paperback pimps
Who've been suckin' up the game like a dry ass sponge
I said, his game is as sharp as a great white sharks teeth
Starvin' for beef, so before you go fuckin' with Bad Azz
You'd rather go to the Million Man March dressed up as the Ku Klux Klan
Sellin' pork chop sandwiches to Farakhan's kids