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Artist: Backbone f/ Khujo, T-Mo, Witchdoctor, Big Rube
Album:  Concrete Law
Song:   Dungeon Ratz
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Yeaaah (Yeah)
You see the stars
You know the names
Hoody Hooo!!

[Hook - All] 2x
These Dungeon Ratz on your God damn ass
Comin through like a shotgun blast..BOAW!!
These Dungeon Ratz on your God damn ass
Comin through like a shotgun blast..BOAW!!

{*gun fires*}
Lead scatter, bloody red-head shatter, mind over matter
You ain't rich with it, what'chu jack for
Seventeen bullets on my 'ackdoor
Dread's who meet my .44
Aye but we rich for no war, Witch start somethin,
somethin twiver come and bail from her
Move ya feet, stock ya documents
Cuz these jails full of occupants
Smoked out rhyme, my nigga in the bushes with the dime
Done ya charges and crime
Everybody contributed, when police lights flash
Feel like death be drivin my head, lookin right and left
Nigga wanna be so hard, just spendin nights (These Dungeon Ratz..)
ain't like a dope charge, locked up like Tokhar
You got some niggas in yo' backyard, trappin its heart now
(These Dungeon Ratz.. Haha!)
24/7 you gotta dodge cops, plus the haters strapped with glocks
A science to get paper, a science to keep this paper

On this microphone, known to handle my business
Get up every mornin and go to bed, quote a life sentence
Bare witness cuz I don't play no kind of games wit 'em
I hit 'em like automatic trigger-play (Blah..blah..)
I keep 'em runnin, niggas bustin from every which-a-way
Deadly venom, get in 'em, tell 'em what that nigga say
You heard it, he quote a fly conversation
The FUCK you thank, this First Generation
Believe me Jack, we made from scratch
That killa cascade'll lay y'all ass flat
We, tote the sword and prepare to attack
That Dungeon Family nigguh, understand that {*gunshot*}

[Hook] 2x

Like in the water, like an obese
While you cover your little ol' hands like a beast
Ten years ago, you would've been PUT in the Figure 4
Did a little throw, off the top rope - ask Perf for the credits
When send them niggas straight to Ellis to get they grills fixed
Don't miss the terrorist, the underdog of the clique (Throw yo' ass up!)
Either "Watch for this Hook" or "Get Rich"
Ain't no love for the slicks, so dig a hole and sit
In the dark, niggas don't want to start
We damn near thunder and still comin out hard
Children, children, niggas is thinkin THEY GOD

Backout, backout, backout!
My niggas stay ready on call, we fall in
We blend like troops, we don't recruit
We playas, you can't be scared
We got niggas with dreads and braids and base
We rapid, armed, rageous - just like the po-po
We family tied across the board so..
We deep (Wessyde!) and relate to NYC
I'm on the beach, sippin iced tea
Loc'ed out, straw house
Look we took the paper route
Hit my folk Backbone on the phone, now it's on
Huh, I'm 'bout to hit, I'm 'bout to hit the zone fool
Big T-Mo from the Goodie Mob, act a fool

[Hook] 2x

[Big Rube]
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Will attack if provoked
We hang tight, so ain't no slack in the rope
Or crack in the dope
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Got that thang for ya brain
Shootin hope in ya veins, got you addicted to slang
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Comin rabid and viscious
Ain't no crabbin and bitchin
This ain't no average mission, listen
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Ain't no losin our focus, or amusin these jokers
Watch the hocus we pocus, feel me?
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Been some years in this game
Just a fish in this land
We stake the system with aims, to maintain
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
In the form of a dragon
With the sight of an eagle
And the wind of a stallion, wagon
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Solve our problems like men
Keep our business within
Know that we break 'fore we bend, fight club
(These Dungeon Ratz..)
Everywhere like busstops
You could never make us stop
On that ass like Buckshot

[Hook] 2x