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Artist: Brooklyn Academy
Album:  Island Academy - Bad Company Vol. 1
Song:   New York Bounce
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ohhh! {*each line echoes*}
This big Kron
Some Dirty South shit
It's easy ahh
Some New York shit
Kron hit, on that Dirty South tip (a lil' diddy bop)
Kron hit (word, word, word, word)

[Verse 1]
Kron livin it up, sippin it up
Smokin it up, O's in the trunk
Otch{?} in the cup, rollin it up
Fuck hoes made 'em nuts
Scared 'em away like lunch from puppy mutts
Some things luck, but this ain't that
But load a verse, flip a cat
My dogs on post, I ain't gotta say
Sick that cat, we live like that
We suh-suh-stackin it up like that
Click-clak-clap ended up on track
Shit so fat make her bounce in the back
Stay with an ounce of black optimo and 'gnac
What'chu know 'bout that?
Flow like that, sip a Barcardi and 'dro like that
Pill in the party Eddie Mo like that
Old as Atari don't show like that
Know you hardly get dough like that
Said it before this chosen rap
is better than y'all lil' homo rap
Nigga been gone for a minute and back
Damn it feel good when the beef is back
Nigga in the hood and leanin back
Nigga shoulda known not to sleep like that
Not knowin a nigga pack heat like that
Cream in the bag and we eat like that
This is that and that is this
Trickin a hoe but not on this
It's butter flows but not yo' shit
Hit 'em with those they hollow tips
Leave you just feelin like a hollow pit
Yeah! (Fuck up outta here boy)
Like that niggaz, what'chu want?