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Artist: Brooklyn Academy
Album:  Island Academy - Bad Company Vol. 1
Song:   Just a Lil Bit
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Brooklyn Academy]
We so corrupted babe
Brooklyn Ac', yeah (y'all ain't ready for this one)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I wanna run in your pockets a lil' bit
I wanna sneak in your wallets a lil' bit
I wanna creep on your profits a lil' bit
Shake it up drop it down just a lil' bit

[Brooklyn Academy]
Hawkin all your jewelry PUNK
I'ma scheme up on you unexpected like puberty bumps
I don't care about your bodyguards
You just makin it easy for me to rob you and hit you with the shotty pah
Meet you when it's pitch black
So I can tie your hands on a monkey bar and start clappin up  your 6-pack
Keys to your truck right now
And I dare you resist, have my nigga shake you upside down
All the change in your pocket'll drop
And I dare you to scream, squeeze your head 'til your eyesockets'll pop
Gotta get the avenue once, before I do that
I want your keys and your Capital One
If I rob you plenty'll follow
I take everything from your kicks to your Hennessy bottle
And I'm hungry so buy away
And don't let you have you a pair of Jades that I like dawg in size 8
You know I step in the club
With a long white tee and a weapon above, cause
Somebody's gettin robbed at this party
(Uh-huh, I ain't playin)