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Artist: Baby Blak
Album:  Once You Go Blak
Song:   Firewater
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G'yeah (It's all love, baby)
Here we go y'all (Uh, huh)
I'm 'bout it 
The streets/The nickels 
The four and the strip and
Niggas who grits with the ave 
The hood and them whores who be stripping

For all them victims in the tenements fixin' syringes
You can smell the dope up in they pores and it's sickening
Ayo they closing schools
Building prisons
They plyin' jewels 
Killing children 
Willing to live in anything
Eat anything
Teach us anything
I speak with street ministry 
Over percussion and liters of Hennessey
From the gutters the Greek assemba-ly
Osiris on a cliff rolling a fig leaf
Oh, shit--I digs deep mentally
What every rapper wanna be
They see what they meant to be
And see Blak killing a track with such easy energy
See and peep my similes
Every two lines I switch up the flow
Every word a different meaning when I shift between 'em
Now who greater than thou?
With that worldwide connect to the easy way to making a thou'
Overseas or in the States get it down
Get around like 'Pac and Shock on singles
When I'm in your town yo
Overseas or in the States get it down
Get around like 'Pac and Shock
When I'm in your town ya know

Hot fire water
You sugar water
You sweeter than MC's that we be in ya know
Every beat is like a four-alarm blaze
But just be careful stay away from the flames
Now that's a fire nigga
Hot fire water
You sugar water
You candy that I take from a baby
You just a clown that get down around here
But you won't be around next year

Now when I get on you can tell 'em that it won't stop
'Less Big, 'Pac, Pun, and L comin' back
One with the drum
I spit with the rhythm
Sink to the beat
Simpty the lyric
Empty my spirit
To the MP you hearin'
MIDI the sequence
Gimme them streets
They mind ya mens be the weakest
I shine shimmer if peepin' my lines 
Like lemon juice squeezin' in lines (Drink a twist)
Limited reasoning
While peoples'll never think of this
Just give me a reason and I'm squeezin' chip
He could live
Beef ain't for season' ya know
We frying bigger fish
We buying bigger whips
We tying sicker kicks
In your own hood/I'm more acknickulous
On your own block I got a thicker bitch
It's poppin'/It's crackin'
You flowin' you know it 'bout to happen
Going overseas
Stockin' and stackin'
Coming home chop it and pack it
Hit the block the mattress
That mean flip it/Profit is stacking 
Yo get at me nigga
I cock it and pack it for cocky-ass rappers
And any nigga in the hood that wanna pop me that matter
I said I cock it and pack it for cocky-ass rappers
Or any nigga in the hood wanna pop me that matter
It's so hot


Uh, huh
Newtron Entertainment/Uh, huh
Millenia/Uh, huh
DJ Revolution/Soul Supreme/Uh, huh
Ill Advised/Jay-Ski
Uh, huh/West Philly
Uh, huh/Uh, huh
Uh, huh/Uh, huh
Sing it wit' us/Love me baby
Uh, huh/Get to know us
We living La Vida Loca
You living that mediocre
We gettin' the people open
Just a breath of fresh air
Something fresh for next year
Then your deck and your bed
And your streets
And every johnny
A hooptie/A squader
A plated Benz
A Beemer/A Lex Coupe Romano
Every club every nigga
Buying drinks by the bottle
Do they thang with a model
Pleasurings like Rolo
Bang my shit to the break of dawn
And BET/Pay attention when my face is on your TV screen
And give me peace when I make a song
Then we can eat
You Burger King I'm filet mignon
So where the beef?
You mayo (Hah)
I'm Grey Poupon
You Play-Doh
You make me yawn
I'm Evian
My missiles hit indirect on both coast-ses
Revolution Soul Supreme are both a second to notion
I'm so hot!


Blow all these bitch-ass niggas out the fuckin' water, man
What the fuck?! {*laughter*}