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Artist: Babyface Fensta f/ Buddha Monk, Q-Plex
Album:  I Came to Warna Brotha
Song:   I Came to Warner Brother
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
You told me to, you told me to, you told me to...
You're despicable.... hahahahahahahahahahahah....

[Babyface Fensta]
Tony Tiger claw Mickey Mouse, told Donald to Duck
Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam busting shots at Bugs Bunny
Acting funny cuz Lola Bunny was flirting
With Roger Rabbit, Daffy on the sideline cracking up
Taz lurking puffing a blunt, waiting for Porky to stutter
Tweety snitching on Sylvester
Who got caught stealing, yo Babs slap 'em silly
Willy Wonka's gone bonkers, in the Chocolate Factory
Again, Goofy unwitetly became, an accomplish
Pocahontas wasn't refined, dumb, deaf and blind
To John Smith trickory, hickory, dickory, dock
Minnie Mouse ran up the clock of a jumping jellyhead from Chicago
Give me more, love a wealthy, deadly boar
Idaho, see the pimp's syndrome, now now hold on Raider Ramin
You rooting and tooting, cruising for a bruising
Holy moly, one flew over the cuckoo's nest
Suscriber's digest this time, I invest
In a Looney Tune, designed to doom, Icarus
Your hot wax melt when, my flare is lit...

[Interlude: Buddha Monk]
How many lumps do you want? Oh about three or four

It was the Animaniacs that ran through ACME Acres
Selling all them gats that's how Buster got clapped
Dizzy Devil, picked up her shovel and Duckie cuz he didn't Duck
Montana Max got played by Mr. Forrest Gump
Elmer Fudd, he's hunting them rascady rabbits
Sylvester the Cat got a real nasty habbit
I think they found a clue, on what my next nine modulator can really do
Speedy, blew past Daffy, left him somewhere in Albuquerque

[Chorus 2X: Babyface Fensta]
I came to warn a brotha, I came to warn a brotha
And that's all folks
Causing, mass hysteria, animania
Ramping through your area...

[Babyface Fensta]
Eat 'em troop, like a fruit loop
Duke must be stupid, silly rabbit, Trix is for kids
Kings infinitetly, destroy ya self
Sweet as Frosted Flakes, easily
Led in the wrong direction, and hard to be led in the right
The more fight we, be a combination of Pinky and the Brain
Crazy Eddie inside, maintain a great night sound station
Call me Droopy, I Droop-A-Long, bothering no one, singing my song
Press ya luck, act up, you lose an Arm
A Leg Leg, Another Arm, keep a diamond by ya head
Then the Midas, be killing them with the golden touch
QuickDraw McGraw, shot the sheriff, and the debuty
And got away with it, Batman and Robin, on foreign land
My Looney Tunes drop, to warn a brotha
I still tote steel, like high plains drifter
Remember, my AKA Mr. Sinister, been round the corner
Once or twice, hopscotch, blocks from cops with glocks, ain't nothing nice
Verbal slice off the meter, hook ya like the grym reeper

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Babyface Fensta]
If Woody had went to the police, this never would of happened
And that's all folks!