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Artist: Babyface Fensta
Album:  I Came to Warna Brotha
Song:   Nobody Does it Better
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Babyface Fensta]
Baow! Who want 'Face? Lick a shot
County of Kings... Fensta, the sinister minister
Back up in the heezy, baby, get ya mind right

[Chorus 1.5X: sample]
Nobody does it better... no, no, no, no
Nobody does it better...

[Babyface Fensta]
I be the sniper, on the hill, one shot
One kill, walk on aqua, like a water strider
Supported by service tension, did I mention?
I'm Two-Faced, laced tracks with pepper spray
Sometimes, I'm a Joker, cuz I always have the last laugh
Anyone for poker? I play with stacked decks
Come closer, smell, the fragrance of my pretty pocket flower
Squeeze hydrogen, so fly in ya face
I'll have a gastly grin, as you fall back on my whoopie cushion
The goulish sounds scares you to death
As the pound of your heart stop, your flow is icey and pricey
But not the best, heads or tails, flip a coin, it's Two-Face, yo, place that bet

[Chorus 2X]

[Babyface Fensta]
Yo, it's Hammer time, you can't touch this
I'mma turn this mother out
Bust, my trey pound seven, my Get-U-Now, won't rust
Ask my "queen"', why 'another one bites the dust'
Knowledge the God, you must, I pledge
To shine like old antiques, hardcore
Underground, like Bounty, you softcore
Commercial, like Beanie, I kill a man
My aura of majestic, quiet, truth like a Torah
When I speak, it's a riot, liars, you don't wanna diet
Weight watchers got a program for you, act like you know
Weak, but you sold, the death of your subtext, is shallow
Like a conceited bitch, you clones don't have my brain compacity
Seven and a half ounces working overtime, full velocity
Like a bullet, ricochet, bing-bing-bing
Teams'll get bloody now, I spit revolution
Got one solution for your devilishment, execution
Hitler style, make ya blood flow, like the Nile

[Chorus 2X]

[Babyface Fensta]
The significance of my influence
Will show in years to come
Like a beacon from a watchtower, follow the leader
Of the resistance, I offer freedom
The likes unknown to modern men, time bomb, nitro blow
To kingdom come, terrorist, flex my wrist
Push the button, I'm ticking, defuse, what? I'm inevitable
Destructable, a hundred mega tons of c-4
Raw, like atoms splitting, spitting like pistols
Crystal drinkers, drop like flies
Eyes glisten, detox the people, your mind, a terrible thing to waste
Great expectations snake, heavy burdens, heaved upon the shoulders of man
Can he stand the pressure, the young of today
Can't think straight, gang related, dilated pupils
Dirty cuticals, families attend a lotta, wakes and funerals
Don't cry, don't cry, mommy
Bobby got hit by a car, they don't know if he gon' make it
Sandra overdosed, Rob got seven to fifteen
Kenny got shot, T-Bone did eleven years straight
Can we escape the cycle? Wake up, please wake up, I'm dying...

[Chorus 2X]