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Artist: Babyface Fensta f/ Buddha Monk, Dee, Lee-Major, Mr. Tibbs
Album:  I Came to Warna Brotha
Song:   Love ta Love Ya
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Buddha Monk, Mr. Tibbs]
Ahhhhhh, love ta love ya, baby
Ahhhhhh, love ta love ya, baby
Ahhhhhh, love ta love ya, baby
Ahhhhhh, love ta love ya, baby

You did me dead wrong, you left me like the quiet storm
When I was depending on you, to keep me strong
Plus you dropped the bomb on me, like Funkmaster Flex
You spinned my world backwards like two turntables
Left me hanging like Robin on Batman's cable
I was your Cole, you were my fat Shirley
You made Mr. Roefer smack Mr. Firley
Girl you know I love you like Laverne love Shirley
It was, just the two of us doing it our way
We used to bungee jump and dive in the sea
You know I'm exhaggerating, but you love to bop me
You said I was the one, that you would never run from
You said I was the one, where your love couldn't done
Uh, baby, our love is strained with Slim and Hailey
For me to switch, I'd rather us walk off a cliff
Smoking my last spliff, just drinkin' a fifth
Walk off the roof, with no parachute, while I'm singing to you


[Babyface Fensta]
Yo, baby, you a, sophisticated lady
You had me on a journey, had my nose
Wide open, I was ready to give you the world
Ghetto girl, I changed your whole style
Wow, we was together, thought you was
Down for the cause, I brought you out, on all fours
Said you loved the way I hit it from the back
You had a lotta wack, niggas in your time
Who fucked you like me? Who made you feel like a queen
Who had you trying to pack guns, shorty dug my gangsta
You still want it, I flaunt it, in your face
You want a taste, just for old times sake, never that
Shit me gave, that crab my pussy, foul bitch, you killed my baby
Now you wanna come back, like some bomb cracks
Stash that, I don't live in the past, you didn't last
So like Mya... you know?


Yo, baby had me strung out, breakfast with half a lung out
Diggin' the grip, no doubt, the tongue out, niggas scoping out
Walking closed, had hoping, for you and I
Had a nigga style, wide open
I study myself, but can't quite control
I can't call it and can't hold it, what the fuck was I thinking?
I stare without blinking, is that you stepping out the black Lincoln?
Bout to leave that dumb ass, dead and stinking
You had it all, but you blew it
Gave my all to prove it, if you can't hold it, you lose it
Now you stock me, like you selling shit, but excuses only
Satisfies the person that's tellin' it, knowing I

[Chorus to fade]