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Artist: Babyface Fensta f/ Lee-Major
Album:  I Came to Warna Brotha
Song:   A Dirty Game
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lee-Major]
You know, you know? Yo Face, you know
I know, they all know, sometimes you just know, you know

[Chorus: Lee-Major]
You know, you know, you know
This is how it be, in the, I.N.D.U.S.T.R.O.Y.
I had to use this flow, running down the line
Fuck the best and the worst, in this here rap game
And it's a shame, that it's a dirty game
I'm representing putting Brooklyn on the map
With a weak pair of old clothes and a bag of plaque
I got a style, Brooklyn now the versatile
I ain't hear nobody rock around like this in a while
I spit a lot of flows, I seen a lot of shows
They ain't too many brothers blow up like Tae Bo
So, ain't that some shit, if you see me slip
Tell me, getting a grip, getting a, getting a, getting a grip

[Babyface Fensta]
Approaching the field, head for the hills
Evacuate shit, like Clearasil
Skilled swordsman, entering, so fuck them faggot niggas bickering
Your style's bullshit, like Payless kicks
Run down and owe, you ran ya style in a muthafuckin' hole
I stike terror, bombard your squad
I'm terrific, super califragilistic
Delicious, so good, you can taste it
Raw, like sushi soufle, gensu, stick it in you
Don't hesitate, meditate later, next caper to pull
I hit like bricks to the head
My verse slice, like a laser beam, ice
What's next? Ironic, take a whiff of the chronic
Niggas think they bionic, I got many methods of mischief, another heist
I Kill ya Army, enslave ya Clan
Kick you out of Boot Camp, make your Squad Def
Hit you with a cannon, I Sun your Man
Brand new bullets, to Roc your Dynasty, Fella
Break Bad Boys like toys, Ryde Ruff in ya muff, bitch
Ya'll niggas ain't tough, take Cash Money from the Millionaires
You can ride in my table, it's No Limit
Squeeze the Juice out your Crew, school of old
My Mode is Flip, on them bitch ass niggas
Outsidaz stay in the cold, Eastside, we can care less bout Dogs
I catch mutts ship 'em to the Pound, put 'em to sleep
Westside, we can care less 'bout cats, but Left Eye was my dog
Used all his Nine Livez, need a hit? I'll do the job
My 90's mafia's Firm, like the mob
Dig deep in the Crates, even, Luniz ain't safe
You crazy? My jacket ain't straight, I broke your English
Now I'm speaking Spanish, you foolish, like ghetto girls
8-Off, more than they can chew, your Unit
Ain't got no Flavor, splash water on the Alkaholik
Make 'em sober, hey, this Conflict's Crucial, my Fam's Royal
Capital Punishment, break my law, I'm Naughty By Nature
Like 2Pac, I'm Strictly 4 My Niggaz
Bitches Keep Ya Head Up, a lot of Boyz are Lost
On the mic, I'm a heavyweight, your skills as an MC are Lyte
I'm Public Enemy #1, but I refuse to be a Cella Dwella
Kris Kross the globe, and make 'em Jump, my Tribe's on a Quest
To get to the Root of these Clones, my World don't revolve around Harlem
It's No Way Out, so I Puff Canibus