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Artist: Birdman f/ Drake, Lil Wayne
Album:  Priceless
Song:   Money to Blow
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(Richer than the richest, mo' money bitches)

[Drake - Intro]
Yea..Coming to you live from...
City of... (hehe)
(So what it do, young nigga? One hunnid...)

[Drake - Verse 1ne]
I am on a twenty-fo' hour, champagne diet
Spillin while I'm sippin, I encourage you to try it
I'm prol'ly just sayin that 'cause I don't have to buy it
The club owner supply it, boy I'm on that fly shit
I am, what everybody in my past, don't want me to be
Guess what? I made it! 
I'm the muh'fuckin man, I just want you to see 
Come take a look, get a load of this nigga
Quit frontin on me, don't come around 
and try come gas me up, I like runnin on E
Iii, I, I, I'm on my Disney shit - +Goofy+ flow
On records I'm Captain Hook and my new car is Rufio
Damn, where my roof just go? I'm somebody that you should know
Get to shakin somethin 'cause that's what Drumma produced it for
Yes I make mistakes that I don't ever make excuses for
Like leavin girls that love me and constantly seducin hoes
I'm losin my thoughts I say, "DAMN, where my roof just go?"
Top slipped off like Janet at the Super Bowl 
I got 'em!

[Chorus: Drake]
They can't help it, and I can't blame 'em
Since I got famous, but BEEITCH~! I got money to blow
I'm gettin it in 
Lettin these bills fall all over your skin
I got money to blow, OH-oh-oh, OH-oh-ohhhh 
Oh-OH-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
I got money to blow, OH-oh-oh, OH-oh-ohhh
Oh-OH-oh-oh-oh, oh, I got money to blow

[Birdman - Verse 2wo]
Cash Money Millionaires... yeah!
Yea, richer than the richest, we certified gettin it 
CM, YM, Cash Money bih'ness
Higher than the ceilin, fly like a bird 
Hit the Gucci sto', and later get served
...We smoked out, with no roof on it
Them people passin, so we smash on 'em
Ballin out, we keep the cash on deck
Louis lens iced up with the black diamonds
Cartier, Ferrari the new Spider
No lie, I'm higher than I ever been
Born rich, born Uptown, born to win
Fully loaded, automatic six Benz
Candy paint, foreign lights with my bitch in
Born hustlin, too big nigga to size me up
Count stuntin, mo' money - BURN 'EM UP


[Lil Wayne - Verse 3hree]
When I get paid every twenty-fo', hours, money and the power
Come to V.I.P. and get a champagne shower
I don't have to worry because everythang ours
and I got a big bouquet of Mary Jane's flowers
That kush; I promise that's my dude
but we don't smoke that Reggie Bush
And I'm with two women, make you take a second look
We poppin like champagne bottles but we never shook
and we go be alright if we put Drake on every hook