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Artist: Birdman/Baby f/ Jason Derulo
Album:  5 Star Stunna
Song:   Bossy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Jason Derulo]
I love it when she bossy, sexy when she bossy
I know I am the boss, I kinda like it when she boss me
Love it when I'm bossy, touch me when I'm bossy
She thinks she is the boss, she kinda likes it when I'm bossy
Who the boss, who the boss! Who the boss, who the boss!
She thinks she's in control but, I'ma let her know
Who the boss, who the boss! Who the boss, who the boss!
We can switch roles but, let it be known, I'm the boss

Yeah, sun shinin, doin it like this-a-way
"5 Star," doin it like everyday
Pick momma up ridin with the paper plates
Big houses, twenty mill's on estates
Brought her to my town, showed her my Uptown
Showed her my Uptown, show her where I stood my ground
How we did it, how we put it down
New money and we blowin straight out the pound
To the mall, let her do what she do
She grind cause she wanna and she hustlin too
I do it how I feel, I'm the boss of my shit
'Bout 8, 9 o'clock, momma cookin my shit


Yeah, when you see baby girl nigga rockin red
Best believe that she doin it for her nigga
Tear drop on her hand, just like her man
Fo'teen tear drops, nigga I'm the man
Stand my grounds, do mines Uptown
Get it how I live, nigga show 'em how I put it down
When I see her on TV cuz
It be like that's my blood (that's my blood)
Yeah, cause she rep me thoroughly
Uptown nigga hold me down thoroughly
Yeah, and she fuck me patiently
And I love how she work me


So I'm back in my hood in the neck of my woods
"5 Star," you know I'm good
"5 Star," I'm out my hood
Put in work lil' daddy so you know it's good
Momma love my style, I can't do it though
Been through a whole bunch of y'all solo
You know it's all good like I give it up
Gave it up, got it up, now I'm still standin up (get money!)
I got me somethin in the plan though
Money in the hand, doin it so Brando
Bring her to an island, let her piece it out
Lovin my gangster, tatted out


You heard me, you know how we do Uptown
(Let it be known I'm the boss)
Believe that, you heard me?