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Artist: Birdman/Baby f/ DJ Khaled, Dre, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy
Album:  5 Star Stunna
Song:   100 Million
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Khaled]
Dis for the hood, dhis for the ghetto
Dis is for all them niggaz gettin that money
Dat cash money, that 100 million dollar money
Nigga we got money - WE THE BEST~!

[Rick Ross]
Ridin big, gettin mine
Two microwaves flip a brick at a time
Bandana on the handle ready for the whip
When I wear the whitest soft watch it disappear (Boss)
I disappear in the middle of the night
When I reappear bet the boss look so bright
Fo' life, dough boy
More strikes, oh boy
We ridin low, gettin high
Eighty round drum let you know the time
When you see the Maybachs niggaz know it's mine
Ridin on the two-fours, I'm ahead of my time
Watch one of a kind, another one on my mind
Phone bill four grand, get your hoe in the line
In the hood hoe niggaz act funny
Only real niggaz live to get to touch cash money

[Chorus: Dre]
I spent about a 100 million dollars
100 million dollars 100 million dollars
And I came from the ghetto (ghetto)
And I came from the ghetto (ghetto)
If ya ghetto hold ya hood up
If ya ghetto hold ya hood up
If ya ghetto hold ya hood up
If ya ghetto hold ya hood up
If ya ghetto

Everyday a new whip homie
So you know I gets my shine on
Flip after we flip homie
So you know I gets my grind on (gets my grind on)
Hold up, Birdman daddy
Pullin up in that brand new Caddy
Got money, livin lavish
Got bitches shippin baggage
Yeah, move them thangs
Get them thangs, switch that lane
Get that change, flip them thangs
Get yo' money homey do yo' thang
(Get yo' roll on) See I got 'em like ten times
Spend money got it like ten times
Flip that got it like ten times
Got money like ten mo' times nigga


[Young Jeezy]
I'm from the ghetto, bottom of the hood, the slums
Money out here we just tryin to get some
Cool like Dre, nigga A like K
When you talk about me you better watch what you say (whoo!)
Don't ever keep them thangs where you lay
Cause them pussy ass-niggaz show the folks where you stay
Thought he was your dog, said he was a G
Sounds like another counterfeiter to me
Niggaz move sloppy and I really don't like it
They'll fuck around and get everybody indicted
Saw the shit comin you woulda thought I was a psychic
Fuck around and go dead broke tryin to fight it

[Lil Wayne]
I I I all night it, I every day it
And when it comes to my dues, I overpaid it
Rated hood bitch, bitch I'm hood bitch
I ain't a asshole, but I'm on some hood shit
I wish I would switch, I don't know how
Bloodgang swarm like a red ant pile
Mean mug, like I can't smile
Like my grill big cost me a 100 thou'


[DJ Khaled]
Cash Money millionaires, Cash Money billionaires
Cash Money trillionaires, we rich~!
We ain't never gonna stop, never
We got money nigga!