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Artist: Busta Rhymes f/ the Ol Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan)
Album:  Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check PROCD 7"
Song:   Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check (the Rashad Remix) (clean)

Intro/Outro 2X: Busta Rhymes (and ODB singin some crazy stuff)

Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all

Chorus: Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard

The Flip Mode is the Squad that controls your set
Woo-Hah!! Got you all in check

We on some outta state SHOOT like you watch Star Trek
Woo-Hah!! Got you all in check

You better keep my music bangin till it disconnect
Woo-Hah!! Got you all in check

Architects gettin money let me cash my check
Woo-Hah!! Got you all in check

Verse One: Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard

Busta Rhymes up in the place with the Oh-Dee-Bee
  Busta Rhymes you rhyme (Dirty) Whaaaat? (You rhyme after me)
The Oh-Dee-Bee was nominated for a Grammy
  Congratulations Bust with your solo Elllllll-Peeeh!!!
Puttin scratches in my lyrics like my name was Kid Capri
Blow up the spot, regardless of your nationality
  And I'm the Dirty Dawg can't UH (nuhzza uhzza nizza UH!) with MEEEE???
  Took Mariah on a Fantasy!! Yo
  I had a wet dream that I was ------ Jody Wately
  Doin wild shzz a NUH ain't allowed to see
But we about to blow up the spot momentarily
Woo-Hah!!  Ran stupid all throughout the country
  And for youse to kill me?  That wasn't meants to be
I know it feel good muthafuh want the recipe!!
  And whose the vigilante, in the place to be
The Oh-Dee-Bee
  Busta Rhymes real quality!
My top philosophy, is to be the, volunatarily
Nuh, that rip your ass for free, ha-hah-hah, hah!

Intro/Outro 1/2

  Ohh baby I like it rawww, get with me!
  Baby it's frrrrrrreal ecstasy!
Yo ev-ery-time I design a flow, you see in 3D
Flow listening to me
  Knock a nuh out, one two three!


Interlude: Ol Dirty Bastard

Dibby dabby dibbi dah, then I pass a lot
Let me get more hot, represent the spot
A mad Squad when it comes to the art of rappin
I gotta KEEP your hands clappin
When you look at me, the type of guy I be
I'm a Dirty dancer, making girlies panties move
Let them fly so I can blast up the DUH
Girlies watch sayin "God, stop getting me hot!"

Verse Two: Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard

May I talk shhh, yo kill the yappin
Word is bond baby, tell me how you look so smashin
Now I got your head hurt, you need an aspirin
Bashin your head in the wall, time for some action!
If you want a small piece well here's a fraction
of shhh that will bust your head quick, peep the transaction
of how we keep muthaFUH constantly crashin
They flyin with, think no shifts, now whose the champion?
I bring the wicked flow, like the latest fashion
Satisfaction baby keep your camera flashin

I was bust in the sperm cells mixed with Old Gold
Funkest mode, 'fore-you-should-list.., some go
Played for a wild Irish rose
Bad uh NUH slam BUH with no clothes
in the backseat of a 'back sixty-nine Oldsmoz
Are your soles and toes in the windows? Oh my, huh, zzzoom
Hey believe me when I say so
You're in need ofarealnigC-Ka-Ka-Ka-Crambole